Tradizioni di famiglia EN

In the history of livestock and agricultural food production family have always been recognized for the excellent quality, such as Parmesan cheese, dairy cows, pigs, fruits and fodder, but with the vineyards the grapes for the wine vinegar and Lambrusco has always played a very important role.

The family has in fact ancient traditions in the production of balsamic vinegar that date back at least five generations. At first they were for private use only, and later for a small local distribution, and the responsibility of the production was the "rezdora," the lady of the house, that of women.

The vinegar conducted by Mirella mother but began in the sixties to receive numerous awards and recognitions for vinegar made ??from the grapes of his vineyards. Prof. Benedetto Benedetti, at the time director of the Archaeological Museum Estense and Grand Master of the Guild of Spilamberto, he used to tell me that "Mirella vinegar was just as described by the ancient letter from Aggazzotti (1860) and the goodness of his legitimized in vinegar full method Aggazzotti same ... ". Mirella then became increasingly involved in starting new vinegar For many of the wealthiest families of Modena.
Over the years the family has added vinegar AVN awards until 1989 when it was joined by numerous awards including the Prize Gancia, obtained by overcoming severe selections associations sommelier. The barrels of the many generations of the family are now well preserved in the large slabs of Villa Emma Nonantola.
The history of Mirella is dotted with a string of hits due to the great passion for the balsamic vinegar that attached it to the memory of his mother, who died prematurely. This passion for the product inevitably influenced the children and grandchildren that they began to collaborate on the vinegar aids, such as agriculture, wine growing production of cooked must and maintenance of the Traditional Balsamic vinegar.
With their children, in 1988, Mirella founded a new company to produce and export the balsamic vinegar and Angelo, winemaker, began to participate in the most important international trade fairs and events.